What is CBD oil good for? – Easy to follow guide to CBD oil uses

There is this question in everyone’s mind these days; What is CBD oil good for? This is a very good question, with a lot of different answers. Depending on who you talk to or what you read CBD oil can be used for almost anything. My goal with this article is to outline the major things CBD oil is good for. I’m not going to get into the science of its uses in this article, this is just an easy to follow guide on what CBD oil is good for. Please check out some of my other articles for the science behind it.

First, let me start by defining CBD oil, it stands for Cannabidiol oil. It is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant, it is naturally occurring and does not give you that “high feeling” that THC does. It is all the rage right now but most people like you are curious what good it can do for you. I’m here to give you very simple answers to that question. There are many uses for this wonderful oil, it is legal everywhere (more on this in a different article) and it is touted by some as a miracle oil. So Let’s get right into it.




CBD is oil good for anxiety and depression relief

Anxiety-stress-cbd oil

CBD oil’s most notable claim to fame is how well it can work to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. I can speak from experience on this one, I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder which basically means that I feel mild anxiety all the time for no real specific reason, when I take CBD oil I experience genuine relief from this anxiety. I don’t like taking pharmaceuticals if I don’t have to and this gives me the natural alternative I was looking for.

My wonderful wife has suffered from Anxiety, Panic attacks, and Depression for many years. Hardly a day would go by without at least 1 sometimes 2 or 3 panic attacks. The panic attacks would be triggered by intense anxiety and stress with depression always lurking under the surface. Once she started taking CBD oil it was like someone turned down a dimmer switch on her stress, anxiety and panic attacks. She now has a panic attack maybe once a month or so. Her anxiety and stress levels have been greatly subdued with no negative side effects. Her depression has diminished a good amount as well. She has been taking a pharmaceutical drug for the depression and since taking the CBD oil her doses of that drug have been cut in half.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that if you take a dose of CBD oil you will instantly have zero anxiety, stress and signs of depression but it really does help with regular usage. I will tell you that it does provide pretty significant relief from the first dose. I just don’t want you to start taking it and think you will never have any anxiety, stress or signs of depression again. Those of you who suffer from these kinds of neurological symptoms will want to use a CBD oil that is higher in CBD levels and lower in THC levels. This is just the start of what its good for, keep reading to find out more:)




CBD oil can help with aches and pains Back-Pain-CBD oil

CBD oil can provide relief from acute aches and pains and chronic pains. In many cases, patients have found relief using the oil for systemic chronic pain conditions. People with chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, headaches, and migraines have found significant relief using CBD oil. But this is not just for those with chronic pain, it can be extremely helpful for more acute aches and pains.

My father-in-law has been using a CBD oil salve for his back pain for a few months now. He has told me on many occasions how much better he has been feeling since he has been using it. He puts the salve on twice a day on his wrists and it really helps him be able to move around better and not be in such pain. One would think that the salve would go on the spot that hurts, I sure did! The reason you put it on your wrist is that area has the thinnest skin so it can get into your bloodstream easier. It is systemic so it goes through the whole body and helps what hurts, the same way Tylenol or ibuprofen work just in a natural way 🙂

I have also been using the salve for those days after a good workout, or a long hike in the mountains when it seems like every muscle in my body is sore. It really helps to alleviate that soreness. I have also realized that I’m getting older and my body just has these random aches and pains, the CBD oil salve really helps to reduce their impact on my daily life.

So yes CBD oil and CBD oil salve can really help with soreness and chronic pain. Those with chronic pain have found greater relief from a higher THC Level CBD oil. Those with more acute pain and soreness find the greatest relief with low to zero THC level CBD oil or salve. I personally use a CBD oil salve with a low THC Level (0.3%) and it works really well for my acute aches, pains, and soreness.



CBD oil is also good for many other conditions

CBD oil has the potential to help with autoimmune diseases such as Inflammation and Rheumatoid arthritis. It has the potential to help with Neurological conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. The antioxidant properties of CBD oil salve can also help with certain skin diseases like dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis. Diabetes, obesity, Colitis, Crohn’s disease, and some cardiovascular dysfunctions have all been found to be helped by CBD oil. Studies have also shown great promise in treating cancer with CBD and THC. Quite a bit of Scientific research has gone into all of these conditions being helped by using CBD oil.


This is a pretty great alternative to pharmaceuticals don’t you think? All of these treatments must be done with the supervision of a doctor who can help with dosages and different levels of CBD and THC. I’m not a doctor, everything you have read here has been found from different clinical research studies and patient reports.



CBD oil and getting those 8 hours in.

Woman-Sleeping-CBD oil

One thing we all need as a good nights sleep. This is not always an easy thing for many of us to achieve. You might be familiar with laying down in bed and your brain says this is a great time to think about everything in the entire world right now! You asked what is CBD oil good for? Well, my friend, it can be helpful in reducing the background noise of life at bedtime so you can get some shuteye. For some, it can have a very relaxing effect that helps put you into that sleepy state where you can drift off and be a pirate! 


It has been found that CBD and THC have a synergistic effect on sleep. If you are looking for a bit of help sleeping, CBD oils with 0.3% THC might be better for you than that zero THC kind. Will this work for everyone? Oh if life were only that fair! This might work for you and it might not, studies have shown that it has a good chance of helping most people though.







Where do I go from here?

You were clearly curious about what this new thing called CBD out there was. I hope I have given you a quick easy guide to what CBD oil is actually good for. I didn’t want to go into all the technical stuff that can be hard to understand and follow. I’m not saying you are incapable of following the technical jargon by any means. I know you are a very capable and intelligent person and if no one told you today that you are beautiful that is a shame because you are! Sometimes we just want simple easy answers to our questions. This is where I can hopefully help you navigate this wonderful world of CBD oil.

Please look around my site, I have lots of articles, scientific studies, and recommendations on the best CBD oils and salves out there. I try to provide easy to follow guides on everything CBD. Have an amazing day and best of luck to you on your CBD journey.

Please note; I’m not a doctor, before you start any treatment program, consult with your doctor first.


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